About Us

The Jewish Heritage Alliance (JHA) unites people and organizations from across the political and social spectrum who are in some way connected to the ongoing Saga or Sephardic Jewry (Sefarad). Together we aim to promote and deliver the Sefarad segment of history, its effects and consequences, to the Public Domain and the world at large.

We are a tapestry of individuals and organizations, spanning the globe, representing diverse sectors including religious, secular, historic, academia and governments, each with some interest or knowledge on the subject of the Jews of Sefarad and the Conversos.

Together we are creating a dynamic portal that will detail the saga of the Jews of Sefarad including the the good, the bad, and the ugly. We discuss the "Golden Age", a time when Jews were able to coexist peacefully with their neighbors of the Iberian Peninsula, through the Inquisition and forced conversions, leading to the expulsion of 1492 and beyond. Hundreds of thousands were forced to convert to Christianity (Conversos; Marranos; Crypto Jews) or be killed, while others made their escape. This platform will follow in their footsteps and depict their travails, illustrating how these brave, tenacious people settled, flourished and created the new world.

We portray this epic story utilizing rich content, supported by a wide-range of initiatives, events, including tour programs intended to bring the stories to life. Our platform provides dynamic historical information presented in an elegant and coherent manner.  We are in the early stages of a launch and invite you to please come back from time to time to learn more about the story of Sefarad as we expand the scope and reach of our presentations, adding new countries, news and events.

Note / Caveat:

Jewish Heritage Alliance acts as an informational platform for the purpose of delivering awareness regarding the story of Sefarad. As such, we cover many aspects of the story, including the saga of the Bnei Anusim (Conversos); from forced conversions, to present day phenomenon of the awakening Jewish Soul(s). We are aware of certain "religious sensitivities" pertaining to the subject of conversions as relating to the Converso communities. PLEASE NOTE that our efforts do not consider nor discuss religiosity, nor any religious issues. Jewish Heritage Alliance does not take a position regarding conversions. We neither endorse nor oppose any religious position, and make it a point not to trespass on this issue.