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Jewish Heritage Alliance (JHA) is about researching and distributing relevant information regarding matters of Jewish heritage. Our News Section is intended as a community service platform to assist in distributing information, including from sister or related organization, featuring news worthy material such as upcoming events that are of interest to our alliance member friends and our audience in general. Whereas our Blog Section provides visitors with a wide array of interesting information, the News Section is relegated to current events and information that will facilitate our visitors.

From Inquisition to Genocide

Holocaust awareness is usually associated with Ashkenazi Jews. This event will discuss the little-known fact that the Shoah also devastated Sefardic Jewry, descendants of Iberian Jews who survived massacres, forced conversions, expulsion, and Inquisition.

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Hidden legacy of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula

Hidden legacy of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula is an interview with Michael Steinberger, CEO and Founder of Jewish Heritage Alliance that was published on March 15, 2021 by the Wall Street International online magazine and written by Brenda Lee Bohen.

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New mobile-capsule exhibition retells the story of Spanish Jewry

Beit Hatfutsot & Jewish Heritage Alliance Team Up To Give Voice To The Story Of Sefarad

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