Our Mission

The Saga of Sefarad, while not new, is beginning to receive newfound interest and attention in recent years, most notably among members of academia and organizations or individuals with connection to this segment of Jewish and world history. Jewish Heritage Alliance has embraced this historical saga with the intent of taking the story of Sefarad from the halls of academia to Main Street. We wish to educate and facilitate our diverse audience by bringing this relevant, compelling and important segment of history to the fore. In the process we hope to unravel the many attributes of the Jews of that era, including the important role the Jews played in their contributions in every sphere ― whether economic or intellectual. This was a period that produced some of the greatest Jewish writers and philosophers. We will also detail the dark days of the massacres, inquisitions, forced conversions, and expulsion of the Jews, a disaster for Spain and Portugal intellectually and economically.

We will follow in the footsteps of the exiled and their contributions in creation of the new world. From discovery of the Americas, a fact obscured, not openly acknowledged, to their major contributions to the Renaissance. We will also develop mission tours, meetings and events that will provide initiatives and other developments concerning Jewish and Converso life in various countries and regions.