“As a longtime student of Jewish history, especially the story of Sefarad, I salute the effort of Jewish Heritage Alliance to educate the world about this remarkable heritage.

Their commitment to fact, their passion for truth and accuracy, and outreach to interested listeners and viewers around the world helps make this world a better place.

JHA has taken the rightful lead in illuminating a shared history, unknown to most.”

Author “Hidden Star”
Editor SCJS Journal HaLapid

Corinne Joy Brown

Good evening. Hope this finds you doing well.

Is it possible for you to forward me a link which enables viewing of last Sunday’s highly informative presentation, which was Part I in this series? I would like to view it again and also pass it on to others who were unable to watch in real time, but who would no doubt enjoy viewing it retrospectively.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Shavuah tov,

JH Cable

Bravo Michael, you are doing a real professional work.
Next week I am taking my volunteers to visit the hotel of Dona Gracia Nasi, to hear the story of this outstanding woman.

Thank you so much.

Chairperson, WIZO Israel

Ora Korazim

Dear Michael
I have just booked for your event on Sunday next. I was not able to book for Part 1 of your series as I was going to be out that day, all day. A good friend who attended really enjoyed the zoom, so I am wondering if you have access to is available somehow. Please can you let me know.
I t would be very good to see the event.

Kind regards

Helen Kirk

Dear Michael, Issac, and Corinne,

I finally had an opportunity to listen to and study the marvelous presentation you gave to us on August 1st, 2021. It was a learning program that merits and deserves every ounce of attention possible. Obviously, I loved it and hope the greater world will come to see and hear the powerful history that you present.

Congratulations and Thank You for your commendable work.


Dr. Lorenzo A. Trujillo, Ed.D., J.D.

It is very important to spread this information, a lot of people have no idea of this part of the history even at present. I would like to know the title of this picture and its painter. Thank you.

Liliana Azulay
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