From Inquisition to Genocide

The Untold Story of Sefarad & the Holocaust

About this event

On February 27, 2024, Jewish Heritage Alliance is launching its first 2024 physical event at Temple Moses located on Miami Beach Florida.

2024 marks 79 years since the end of the Holocaust, or Nazi Germany’s systematic and state-sponsored persecution and murder of six million Jews. Across Nazi-occupied Europe, from Greece to Norway and France to Russia, thousands of Jewish communities were extirpated. By May 1945, when the Allies defeated Nazi Germany, 2/3 of European Jewry and 1/3 of worldwide Jewry had been annihilated. Traditional Holocaust awareness has long focused on Ashkenazi Jewry, or Jews in Central and Eastern Europe. By numbers, they bore the brunt of the genocide. Yet, Sefardic Jewry was also profoundly devastated, most hauntingly Salonika, Greece, the central hub of the Ladino-speaking civilization, and known as the Jerusalem of the Balkans. Most tragically, Sephardic victims of the Shoah were descendants of Iberian Jews who had undergone massacres, forced conversions, expulsion, and the Inquisition in previous centuries. In a time of antisemitism unprecedented since the Shoah, join us for a meaningful overview of a largely unknown chapter in the annals of the Holocaust, World War II, and 20th century Jewish and European history.

Presenter / Key Speaker is Dr. Isaac Amo, Director of Academic Research at Jewish Heritage Alliance, an educational organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the legacy of Sefarad, or Jews of the Iberian Peninsula. He earned a J.D., LL.M in dispute resolution and J.S.D. (PhD in Law) in comparative criminal procedure from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis. A descendant of Jews who fled Spain for the Ottoman Empire in 1492, he was a legal fellow at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague and an ISIS war crimes investigator. He often speaks on the law, antisemitism, and Jewish history and memory.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024, at 7:30PM EST


Hosting Partner:

Temple Moses Sephardic Congregation of Florida

Program Co-Sponsors:

Greater Miami Jewish Federation, Temple Moses, Skylake Synagogue, Holocaust Memorial Miami Beach, FeSeLa, WIZO, the Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies and the George Feldenkreis Program in Judaic Studies University of Miami.

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