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Jewish Heritage Alliance (JHA) partners with members of the film and media community to research and promote the subject of Sefarad and its profound consequences. The saga of Sefarad is a complex, multifaceted narrative spanning thousands of years. From the early arrival of the Jews to the Iberian Peninsula, through the trials and tribulations representing challenging times leading to pogroms, forced conversions, and the eventual expulsion of 1492 followed by the exile and the creation of new worlds. JHA seeks to collaborate with film makers and members of the media in our efforts to promote the history and consequences of Sefarad.

Film & Media


The Sephardic experience is more than recounting history; it is an essential segment of Jewish and world history. Many in Jewish and global communities do not understand the far-reaching significance of these events. We invite you to learn more…

Children of the inquisition

Jewish National Fund and JHA present a June 28, 2020 Zoom lecture “Rediscovering the Latino Connection to Israel” led by Michael Steinberger Founder and CEO of JHA and featured guest speakers Genie Milgrom and Ashley Perry (Perez).

The Hidden Jews of the Southwest (Trailer)

A Long Journey: The Hidden Jews of the Southwest brings to life stories of individuals whose secret was their hidden Jewish roots while living an outwardly Catholic life. It’s a cinematic journey about reaffirmation and self-awareness.

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