The Conversos Comeback

The Conversos Comeback is a phenomenon coming to the fore, generating unprecedented interest, curiosity, excitement, quandary and controversy.

Rabbi Ventura Brazil TV Interview

Brazil TV interview discussing the amazing story on Brazil’s Bnei Anusim youth and the wonderful work Rabbi Ventura and Sinagoga sem Fronteiras is providing these descendants of the forced conversions of Sefarad. What an uplifting story it is.

Rabbi Ventura Israeli TV Interview

Invited to speak on Israeli television, Rabbi Ventura, of the Synagogue Without Borders, tells the Israeli audience about the Bnei Anusim (Conversos) movement in Brazil and related.

Rabbi Ventura addresses the National Congress of Brazil

Rabbi Ventura, now recognized by many leaders of Brazil as an expert on the Converso topic, was invited to speak at the National Congress of Brazil where he addressed the legislative body of Brazil’s federal government in celebrating Israel’s 70th Anniversary…

Bnei Anusim (Children of the Conversos) Coming Home….

Rabbi Venturas dedication, commitment and efforts yield fruitful results as these Brazilian children of Conversos exude Jewish pride by resuming their ancestral rituals, resuming the Hebrew prayers in the same custom and language as their forbearers.

Brazilian Conversos… Work in progress

Brazilian Conversos returning to their ancestral Jewish traditions, learning Hebrew prayers and donning the accustomed Talit and wrapped in Tefilin as required for weekday morning prayers