Hidden legacy: In the Footsteps of the Jews of Sefarad

Hidden legacy: In the Footsteps the Jews of Sefarad tells the story of the converso phenomenon, the Jews that were forced to convert to Christianity in the Iberian Peninsula. It’s a story of persecution, massacres and forced conversions. But it is also the story of survival, hope and redemption.

Hidden legacy of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula

Hidden legacy of the Jews of the Iberian Peninsula is an interview with Michael Steinberger, CEO and Founder of Jewish Heritage Alliance that was published on March 15, 2021 by the Wall Street International online magazine and written by Brenda Lee Bohen.

Jews, Columbus, and Discovery of America

Columbus’ discovery of the Americas was celebrated as a triumph for Spaniards, Genoese, Italians, and for Europe as a whole. What was not made clear is that the expedition and the discovery rests upon Jewish foundations.

Jewish Heritage of Portugal & Spain

Jewish Heritage Alliance & Discovery Tours Group team up to bring you the extra-ordinary, luxury, all-inclusive travel experience to introduce you to the Jewish Heritage of Portugal and Spain.

Turning Portuguese

A well-written article by Naomi Grimley of the BBC about the Jews who come home to Portugal. The BBC staff reached out to JHA to assist in the article.

The Conversos Comeback

The Conversos Comeback is a phenomenon coming to the fore, generating unprecedented interest, curiosity, excitement, quandary and controversy.

Passover: a time to reflect

We are about to begin the holiday of Passover where Jews around the world celebrate “Freedom” as relating to God’s liberation of Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt.

Jewish Heritage : The Golden Age

The Jewish Heritage Alliance platform covers the Saga of Sefarad (Jews of Spain & Portugal) from their early arrival during the Middle Ages through the precarious, perilous period of danger and success.

US Conversos of Sephardi heritage is having a moment.

There are millions of Bnei Anusim (Converso) around the globe getting in touch with their Sephardi heritage. This entire phenomenon is having a real moment. This is the story of Blanca Carrasco of El Paso Texas, one of many stories that brings the saga of Sefarad (Jews of the Iberian Peninsula) to life.