Passover: a time to reflect

We are about to begin the holiday of Passover where Jews around the world celebrate “Freedom” as relating to God’s liberation of Jews from slavery in ancient Egypt.

Jewish Heritage : The Golden Age

The Jewish Heritage Alliance platform covers the Saga of Sefarad (Jews of Spain & Portugal) from their early arrival during the Middle Ages through the precarious, perilous period of danger and success.

Spain & Portugal for Skylake Synagogue

Skylake Synagogue, Jewish Heritage Alliance & Discovery Tours Group team up to bring you the extra-ordinary, luxury, all-inclusive travel experience to introduce you to the Jewish Heritage of Portugal and Spain.

Jewish Heritage of Portugal

The Center for Latino Jewish Relations and Jewish Heritage Alliance brings you the ultimate five-star, all-inclusive travel experience to Portugal designed to introduce you to the heartland of the Sefarad (Jews of Portugal & Spain).

US Conversos of Sephardi heritage is having a moment.

There are millions of Bnei Anusim (Converso) around the globe getting in touch with their Sephardi heritage. This entire phenomenon is having a real moment. This is the story of Blanca Carrasco of El Paso Texas, one of many stories that brings the saga of Sefarad (Jews of the Iberian Peninsula) to life.